Watercolor with a Roller and a Trowel

Saturday, August 12:  10-4 PM, $125 includes all materials

You'll be working in a "no brush zone"  by learning to use rollers and trowels to apply watercolor. Understand
the beauty of layering watercolor. Create beautiful passages and add aquapasto and other watercolor
mediums to plump up the paint or make it "slip" easier with other mediums. You will leave with stunning finished
paintings! Wear painting clothes and bring your lunch. Call to register: 651-353-5045.
Alcohol Ink
Saturday,  August 19:   10-4 PM, $125 includes all materials

Alcohol Inks are acid-free, fast drying, transparent, coordinating dye inks specially formulated to create a
colorful, polished effect. Use on glossy paper and other non-porous surfaces, There are 54 colors available.
Alcohol Blending Solution is used for lightening colors. Learn to use the inks to create total abstract images,
utilize outlining for a stained-glass effect, create recognizable pictures and use pens to emphasize areas. Wear
painting clothes and bring your lunch. Call or email to register: 651-353-5045 or

Try It, You Might Like It: Acrylics

Saturday, August 5: 10-4 PM, $125 includes all materials

Experiment with Acrylics without buying any supplies! You'll be working with different
surfaces, several brands and consistencies of acrylic with mediums to add or change the
look. You will understand how to paint with brushes and palette knives to create paintings,
add glazes, use pointillism techniques and to build a board for lots of texture. We will be
effectively utilizing metallic and interference acrylics.
Be prepared for fun and a lot of learning. This is not just a demo - you do the painting!!Wear
painting clothes and bring your lunch. Call to register